Because of some certain reason happening at the Lee Residence in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, Lee Chanhee a.k.a TEENTOP’s Chunji decided to make her sister, Lee Sooyoung to pretend to be him for atleast 2 months and with this Sooyoung, started to know more about celebrity life and also fell inlove with one of the members.

Will someone find out about her real identity? 

Is it possible for their love to progress with lots of consequences coming?


140125 Wapop Show Talk + Ending (fancam)

Ljoe: it’s really great that we got to meet you guys here at Wapop again. have you been good?

Angels: yeees!

Ljoe: Niel, what are you doing?

Niel: as i was so passionate on stage, my shoelaces got loose


Niel: we’ve been meeting from spring, summer to autumn, now we’ve arrived at winter

Ljoe: yes i still remember the snow i saw [in some mountains?], Niel..

Niel: yes as for me, i remember the white snowfields we saw with Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee the most (the scene from Iris?). everyone what comes to mind for you? … mm.. i see.. it was really thrilling. Ricky?

Ricky: yes?

Niel mumbling: say something to the fans here today

Ricky: what?

Niel: say something to the fans

Ricky: uhh.. it’s been a while since we’ve gotten to show you our performance. im really happy, also we’re having our concert in February.. we will show a lot of charms we haven’t been able to show so far, so i hope a lot of you come!

Ljoe: since we haven’t been with you guys in a while, i think it would be good if everyone says something one by one. shall we start with Cap hyung? go on..

Cap: yes, everyone uhh, lately uhh, a lot, now

Ljoe: yes, say something please

Cap: everyone, don’t get sick! stay healthy all the way until our concert, and come see us healthily!

Ljoe: yes, and Chunji?

Chunji: yes.. yes.. uhh.. firstly our fans, Angels! beware of catching a cold, don’t get sick, and since we’re having a concert in February. i hope a lot of people come and we can make good memories together! yes, Changjo?

Ljoe: yes, Changjo?

Changjo: yes, umm.. don’t get sick! or i will be sick with you

Ljoe: Changjo, you’ve been shooting a movie, promote it.

Changjo: huh?

Ljoe: the movie, movie, movie

Changjo: my movie! ahh yes, sorry. i’ve been trying out staring in a movie for the first time, uhh

Ljoe: ooh.. oh, Kangho oppa!

Changjo: i hope a lot of people come to see it!

Niel: umm yes everyone the concert is almost over, beware of catching a cold! we will perform our last song


Ljoe: being able to meet you guys on such a good stage has been really exciting and fun

Niel: this is the end of our performance so some of you might want to leave— (?)

Ljoe: we’re gonna stay and watch the final performances along with you guys, so please don’t go yet, i hope everyone will stay until the end! so.. this has been Teen Top!

Teen Top: thank you!

Ljoe: when the show ends, go home safely!

Niel: you have to beware of catching a cold! it’s dangerous!

Ricky: bye!

Ljoe: we’re goin!


(nothing particularly exciting here, i just love the fail/trolling way they do these little talks :D)

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